If it doesnt go fast enough, polish it :D

Most of the people spend their Fridays with some other way… Almost acceptable shine finally after many and more hours!


Fleetside Rust Removal

I started little project to patch couple places which were rusted in my 1988 Chevy Fleetside. This little patching is still under work after tens of hours. Like always I couldn’t help my self to make every thing as good as it could be done and now I have to paint at least half from the hole truck! So far the lower part is almost finished with bondo and primer… Target is to spray this on next weekend if I’ll manage to get the paints and all little dings smoothened with bondo and sanding from the silver area. Current plan is topcoat the hole lower section with silver not like originally silver and metallic blue.

TerZZa Racing

It has been a while since last post here. Been busy with updating my Pontiac Camaro and racing with it… Last race done in Kalajoki 23.8.2014 and now spending this week away from garage and work cause suffering from serious back pain :(

Some updates from the last raceis found from Racing site: http://www.terzzaracing.com/?p=94

Terzza Racing

Thank you also for every one from support for TerZZa Racing. Next season in 2015 will be meaner,faster and better!

For Sale By Owner

Brake job – Sprinter

Some sheet metal work cause there were not  new parts for rear brakes in local shops…


Left side done and right side couple parts made. To be continued tomorrow…



Inspection done – Race on


On the road – Street Slide 2014


Not finished – Race Day tomorrow

It three o’clock in the night and car is not yet even a close to be finished!

Starting to look like no sleep tonight :(

Super Rally 2014 – Estonia




Great place, very well organized only weather could be better…

Pontiac Camaro 1968, best time 11.83 – Video from Alastaro Circuit 5/2014

Results – Alastaro 31.05.2014

Finally after many of hours waiting rain stopped and the track opened.

After total disaster in the first run the second try out went in low 12 second time… I pulled total eight runs and latest six was so close each other that I had to believe that not better time than 11.83 could not be much improved anymore today.


Have to admit that 11.83 seconds at 1/4 mile was not bad at all cause this was the first time testing this car on the track.


Race day – Alastaro Circuit

Packed up everything ready at Friday night and came to Virttaa at Alastaro Circuit.
Weather is still too rainy so we are waiting with Jussi the sky to clear out…

Quater mile setup – Race axle change

Bolt on change for Race 9″ axle


Ultra strong case with 33 spline Moser axles and room for 33×18.5″ Hoosier slicks on Convo Pro rims…

Cars For Sale

For Sale

Project Firebird – Licensed and Registered

Ex Pro Street Firebird is now Street Legal Pontiac Camaro and used as a daily driver…


Harley Davidson – Sportster 2003

My wife got her first H-D today! First mc ever too… Just picking her new baby home after driving 450km to dealer.



Food Poisoning – Thank you McDonalds!

Struggling over 30 hours from severe food poising! Minus 4 kg body weight and worst set back for Project Firebird completion. Had taken a day off from work for Friday for finishing the Firebird and been sitting in toilet vomiting without sleep over a day… fp2


Thank you McDonalds one euro cheeseburger eaten on Thursday evening!

Project Firebird – 3″ exhaust

Finally installed the hole exhaust system. Have to say that it looks quite good down under…





Fiberglass mini truck bed cover

On the road for picking up a bed cover for my pick up project

330km journey but the price was very good :)

American Car Show in Helsinki 2014

Corvette C7


Day Trip – Tallinn

Leaving from Helsinki to Talinn


Project Firebird – Steering Column install

Yesterday got the Vette fixed steering column installed.

Today installed main gauge panel and changed all front wheels bearings cause passenger side bearing was not the best anymore…



20140416-234425.jpg have to find schematics from somewhere fit 87 Corvette steering column to wire up turn signal lever. Want to get rid of pure race switch that was installed making the car pass the registration.



Shiny Headers

Picked up coated header from a guy who made my old Hooker headers coating possible. The result was better than new! Aeromotive quality coating and the right color.

Had to say that this job was worth of spend time and money when looking the result after assembly…





Project Firebird – Re-Wiring

Have been trying to do the rewiring for plenty of hours for many nights. Today spent almost thirteen hours at the Garage first did the Astra brake job and then continued the wiring and accessories install… At last some progress, most of the harness and main relays find their place!20140414-100538.jpgAbove is the main harness still on the floor.

Just about everything inside Kuva010Kuva014Kuva012Kuva002Kuva001

Still there is a lot’s of to do wiring left but at this point I feeling some progress :)

Opel Astra – Brake Rotor Change

Sunday morning spent on Astra front brake job. New rotors and pads. Old was completely worn out!








Chevy Truck – Fleetside Project

Picked up today a pick-up project.

It is a 1981 Chevrolet Fleetside, only a rolling chassis with some parts missing and will be frame off restored in some point… Not yet decided the result but plans are taking this truck on the ground, but time will tell.

Brake rotors paint – Opel Astra

Painted new brake rotors with Zinc primer and silver metallic top coat for my wife’s Opel Astra. Front rotors and pads needs to be changed as soon as possible…



Aluminum on the floor

Have been trying to find motivation to do the wiring for the Firebird and made very cool floor carpets from aluminum sheet when finding the missing motivation!


These very Cool Tuning style floor carpets are made from 3mm thick aluminum sheet and backed with 20mm sound deadener mat…

Tuning Seats

Spent couple of nights at the Garage fitting the new seats that I bought ages ago, those seats was the first items purchased for the Firebird project…
Finally after dozen of times of fitting and refitting those seem to find their place!
Have to say that not very much bigger man like me could not find a room but don’t care that cause building this one for me :)20140408-222119.jpg


It was a very tight fitment like shown above. First I planned to fit the racks without bolting trough the floor but had to do that and make some parts in a lathe to find all the room available from the Firebird cabin…20140408-222434.jpg